What is Ad infinitum?

Ad infinitum is a Latin phrase meaning "to infinity"—in other words, forever.

Peter H. Russell | Professor Emeritus | University of Toronto

1. Ad Infinitum Reference- Mathematics

The fields of mathematics contain many examples of sequences that carry on ad infinitum. For example, the digits that form pi continue ad infinitum. The common numerical series beginning “1, 2, 3, 4…” carries on ad infinitum. The fraction  2/3  when expressed as a decimal produces a decimal which never ends: a recurring decimal.  2/3  when expressed as a decimal is 0.666666666666…  16  when expressed as a decimal is 0.166666666666…

what is ad infinitum?

2. Ad Infinitum Reference- Finance

In finance, the term is associated with a perpetuity, in which the payments derived from an asset at fixed intervals are assumed to go on forever and ever, or ad infinitum. Contrary to conventional wisdom, some financial products have no maturity or expiration date. Thus, they’re called perpetuities, and certain strings of cash flows are said to carry-on ad infinitum.

what is ad infinitum?


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