Call Now.. ALEX Patel BOOBS RUB NURU Body Massage from Hot Young Girls of Mumbai; just like the kinds, you get in Bangkok.

These girls primarily belong to different individual professions like Modelling, Corporate employees, College Students, etc. However, they are associated with you for additional source of income. Besides, we have selected them on the basis of a few criteria's:
(i) They are good looking. (ii) These girls have a sexy body. (iii) They are willing to go the extra mile & are ready to do anything, just to please the customers. (iv) They are well trained so that they are able to deliver services, as per our standards & expectations. Listed below are the details of the entire services provided, in the sequence, as it is offered in actual.

1) Firstly, they will strip you completely, then they will start giving you SWEDISH MASSAGE, which will ensure that you are completely relaxed, right from your head to the toe (This massage is done first so that any tiredness of your body or body pain is completely removed & you are at ease).

2) Then they will start with NUDE MASSAGE - In this, they will first apply GEL on their BIG BOOBS and they will massage your entire body, right from your forehead to the toe, with their BOOBS. Once they reach your CROTCH, they will hold it in between their BOOBS & they will massage it till you EJACULATE.

3) Now they will clean you and then they will start pampering you, just to put it at ease. Then they will begin with EROTIC / SENSUOUS MASSAGE, which will also include BODY TO BODY. Here they will give you such sensuous strokes, that every strand of your body will be SEXUALLY AROUSED.

4) And then once you are completely AROUSED, they will start giving you full service, which will include DEEP BLOW JOBS, SUCKING & LICKING, KISSING & SMOOCHING and finally they will indulge themselves into an "INTERCOURSE", Strictly with a contraceptive. They will try all different positions of KAMASUTRA, ensuring that there is nobody pressure on you. They are able to do it well since they are FLEXIBLE & TRAINED FROM BANGKOK.

5) After the entire service is over, they will take you to the Shower & provide "SOAPY MASSAGE". They will clean you and then you are done with the service.

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