French Kissing

French Kiss in India

Free classifieds from Call Girls in India who offer French Kiss service to their clients. Have you ever heard of the term French kiss before? This short term is used when a couple is just too passionate to continue their usual kissing practice and instead want to experience something new and exciting. The basic definition of this type of kissing is quite similar to that of other kissing styles: it is a way to simulate oral sex. There are some people who claim that it is sexual in nature while for others, it is merely a test of sensitivity. But no matter what your view is on this practice, it is important to understand that you can learn how to give a great French kiss to your partner, which will, in turn, help you discover how to become more sensual and creative when it comes to your kissing skills.

A good way to begin answering the question “what is a french kiss” is to know how to tease your partner using your tongue. Many couples use this technique in order to draw more pleasure from kissing and in turn intensify the feelings of intimacy between them. The key is to use your tongue in a way that you don’t move your mouth as you do with your tongue. This allows you to gently trace your partner’s tongue with your own and if done right, this will make your partner feel charged with desire and want you to repeat the action. If done wrong, however, your partner will feel confused and will probably withdraw from the kiss together!