Goa Call Girls Guide

This is a Step-by-Step Guide to find local call girls and Russian escorts in Goa. Whether you are a foreign traveler visiting Goa for the first time or a frequent Indian tourist, this step by step guide will show you exactly how to get sexy female escorts and enjoy escorts service in Goa without getting into trouble.

Let’s dive straight in.

Step 1: Search Goa Escorts Classifieds Ads

Since the demolition of the red light area in Goa, most of the agencies, pimps, and street sex workers have moved online to promote their business. The most common place to find sex professionals is a local classified website. 

In Goa, you start your escort search on the Kuknus Goa Call Girls category page. Here you will find hundreds of adult classified ads from independent escorts, hookers, sex professionals, escort agencies, and prostitutes selling their services. You should narrow down the results by filtering out escorts based on ethnicity, age, and radius location to get laid fast.

It is highly likely that you will see some featured listings on the top and bottom of the location page. These are paid promotion listings and do not guarantee the best escorts service in Goa. Carry out due diligence on potential on escorts profile by thoroughly reading details in the ad. Once you are satisfied with an advertisement, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Contact Advertiser

Every escort listing has the contact details of the associated advertiser. While most escorts ads in Goa are advertised by agents, it is rare to find direct call girl numbers online. The advertiser’s contact details are only shown to website members so it is advised to create a profile beforehand. There are two ways you can contact the agent.

  • Email
  • Phone call

While responding to emails take time, a straight phone call to an agent is a quicker way to get escorts in Goa. Be advised, use a public STD booth if you do not want to compromise your identity. Find top-rated public STD in Goa here.

Since most of the escort agencies offer pickup and delivery options in Goa, it is wise to clarify shipping charges or any other overhead cost associated with the online booking. If you choose to pick up an escort in your personal vehicle, make sure NOT to carry valuable items or large sums with you.

Step 3: Make Advance Payment

Unlike other professional service providers, escort agencies demand advance payment from their customers. It has become customary in Goa, India to pay upfront before even seeing a call girl in person. On one hand, it keeps non- interested parties at bay, it helps reduce forced sex cases on the other hand.

Due to the high number of foreign tourist arrivals in goa, escort agencies offer a wide range of payment methods to book an escort. While hard cash is the most preferred method, agents can receive payments from Paypal, Wire Transfer, Bank deposit, and Bitcoin. To avoid any identity theft, we recommend ATM withdrawal to pay agents in cash and get a beautiful escort for yourself.

Step 4: Get a Hotel With Private Beach in Goa

Most of the escorts and call girls operate near beaches in north Goa. While hotels do not mention that they are escort friendly, you should book a 5-star hotel with a private beach in Goa to enjoy the escort service. Booking.com has a list of the best 5-star hotels in north Goa that have private beaches and casinos. We are sure that these hotels will help you spend cozy time with Call Girls in North Goa with a peace of mind.

According to our survey, these hotels offer extreme privacy and allow female escorts, unmarried couples, and foreigners to check-in without any hassle. Generally, the hotel staff is quite friendly and humble to its customers. Although hotels with private beaches are a bit expensive but are totally worth the price.

Step 5: Enjoy the Escort Service to the Fullest

So now you have the call girl with you. But how are you planning to make this night more memorable? Forcing an escort to get naked and going straight forward to sex is not always the best thing to do. Here are some suggestions for you that will help you enjoy escort service to the fullest:

  • Start by introducing yourself to her and explain your sex fantasy.
  • Get comfortable and start seducing her with wordplay. You can discuss her hobbies or tell erotic sex stories from Savita Bhabhi to get things to heat up.
  • Take a full body massage to completely relax and build up the mood for intercourse.
  • Remember the journey is more important than the destination, so start with oral sex and foreplay. Do not rush into hardcore sex.
  • You can ask her to perform a blowjob or foot fetish to move things into the mainstream. If the ad mentions lap dance or any other sensual service, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Dominate her body with your baby maker and let your gentle strokes widen up her vagina. 

The Bottom Line

This concludes our Goa Call Girls guide. You are now more informed on how to contact and talk to real call girls and escorts in Goa.   


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