Jalandhar Escorts Service Charges

How much do Jalandhar escorts charge to provide escort service to clients? To find the accurate answer to this question, we recently interviewed Jamila who is the founder & CEO of one of the best escorts agencies in Jalandhar.

According to her, agency managed escorts or independent escorts in Jalandhar; male or female, have different booking fees and charges. These charges depend upon many factors. Some of the factors are as follow:

  • Type of service
  • Client’s personal requirements
  • Place of service
  • Duration of escort service
  • Personal connection with client

While some escorts do negotiate pricing with their former clients, others offer discount to new clients to build long term relationships. From escorts point of view, escorts service is all about  entertainment, relaxation, and happiness. People do not hesitate to spend large amount of money to get pleasure and entertainment from escorts. Not only the escort service prices are reasonable, but also worth it.

In addition to that, Jamla also notified us that there are various modes of payment options available to clients to book escorts online. While online money transfer is currently trending, cash payment is the widely used option by clients in Jalandhar. For years, cash is a prominent mode of escorts booking because it is convenient, fast, and untraceable. Also, people in Jalandhar nowadays are extra cautious about their security due to increasing number of cyber crime cases in the district.

Booking Rates of Jalandhar Escorts


Indian Escorts Rates:

Service Duration
  • 1 hour
    ₹ 5,000
  • 3 hours
    ₹ 12,000
  • Full Night
    ₹ 20,000

Above are the booking rates for Desi escorts in Jalandhar as mentioned by the owner of an escort agency. Please note these charges are negotiable depending upon the criteria mentioned above.  If you do not have any prior experience with the agency or the independent escort, you can still ask for discounts. To spend 1 hour of cozy, intimate time with Indian female escorts in Jalandhar, you will have to spend around 5 thousand rupees. For a typical  3 hours of escort booking in Jalandhar, it costs around twelve thousand rupees and twenty thousand for the entire night. Kuknus recommends to perfrom due diligence before making any kind of booking. 

Foreigner Escorts Rates:

Service Duration
  • 1 hour
    ₹ 10,000
  • 3 hours
    ₹ 22,000
  • Full Night
    ₹ 35,000

Although Jalandhar is not the prime location of business for foreign escorts, there are some escorts agency who can get Russian escorts on demand. Since these elite escorts are very high maintenance, they charge more to make clients happy. Although their escort service is costly as compared to Indian escorts, they offer premium service with full satisfaction. The booking rate for Russian escorts in Jalandhar starts as low as ten thousand rupees for 1 hour. A regular three hour of intimate company costs around twenty two thousand and thirty five thousand for the over stay.


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