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What is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose is a hand written essay or a personal statement by a prospective student applying for admission in college, university, or graduate school. For students who are writing SOP for foreign universities, they need to clearly mention the reason for applying and justify the intention behind studying abroad. Upon receiving the application from students, an SOP is usually reviewed by a college or university registrar. If registrar is fully satisfied by the statement of purpose, university invitation letter is sent to student that help student to get the study visa from the immigration department.  

Study Abroad Statement of Purpose Samples

Tips for Writing Study Abroad Statement of Purpose

sop esssay structure

First Paragraph: This is a self introduction where you introduce yourself with a brief background information. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Right after the introduction, you should state your current career objective or goal and how it aligns with the specific program you are applying for in their university.

Second Paragraph: In this paragraph, you should your expertise, knowledge about the selected field, and extra curricular achievements during the previous course. Some of the top study abroad consultants have mentioned to us that foreign universities give more weight-age to experience gained from volunteering, internships, and practical life applications.  

Third Paragraph: This is the most important part of a study abroad SOP (statement of purpose) essay. In this paragraph, you should provide explanation of the reasons you are so much interested in this specific course and field of study. You must answer why their university is the best is the place in the world to study that course.

Fourth Paragraph: This is the beginning of the end of your statement of purpose document. The tip here is that you should always say that upon completion of course, you plan to return to the home country and apply the knowledge gained from the course in the betterment of the society. Many students give hint about their plans to immigrate and get straight rejections from the universities. Don’t do this mistake.

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