Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Want to study overseas? Find the very best study abroad consultants in Delhi who can help you get admission in foreign universities and colleges. Increase your chances of getting a student visa or study permit by hiring professional overseas education consultants in delhi. At Kuknus, you can find contact information of hundreds of top abroad study advisers in Delhi who provide free consultancy to aspiring students. Not only they help students file enrollment application forms, but also provide proper financial guidance to the needy ones.

Why Do You Need a Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi?

With lots and lots of student applying each year for abroad study, chances of getting a student visa are getting thinner. Not only that with ever changing application process, it is hard to keep track of application deadlines, fee formats, GIC, and proper documentation. A study abroad consultant is a highly experienced education professional who is up to date about the changes. He or She will make sure you get all things in proper place and format leaving no possibility of visa rejection. They also go extra mile to help needy students get student loans from banks. Not only that, they help students to preparing them for mock interviews with the immigration officers. Hiring Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi become crucial because every year more than 2.5 Lakh students apply to study overseas. According to UNESCO data, by August 2019 over 350,000,00 Indian students were already studying abroad. If you want a sure shot success in getting your University invitation letter, hire a consultant right away.

FAQ on Delhi Study Abroad Consultants

An overseas education adviser in New Delhi will help you select the target country for abroad studies, fill university enrollment application forms, getting study visa, career counselling, and help arrange a temporary accomodation in some cases.

Depending upon the course requirements and target country, you need to attain good marks in exams. Study abroad consultants in delhi will help you prepare for IELTS, GRE, PTE, GMAT, and other related courses. They will also tell you the minimum cut off for every exam to acquire study visa.  

While some have fixed consultancy charges, others provide quotation based on the duration of the selected course, country, and duration of the process. You need to directly contact the company for more information in this regard.

Although study counselors do not offer scholarship for abroad education, they can certainly guide you how to apply for a scholarship. There are numerous scholarship portals where you can apply for scholarship. Also, college professors are a great resource for bursary information.

Ofcourse, every study consultant in Delhi offers after service care to all the students. You can definitely contact your counselor for any help in the future even if you are in a foreign country.