Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex in India

Tantric sex, also called tantra sex or sexual tantra, refers to a broad spectrum of practices taken on in Hinduist and Buddhist tantric circles to channel sexuality in a spiritual or ritualized context, often linked to impure or fleshly elements, such as consumption of meat, and offering of fleshy substances to powerful deities. Here, you can find Call Girls in India who offer Tantrix Sex Service on demand. The concepts of Tantric sex and its related rituals have their origin in the Indian Tantric cult, which emerged sometime in the third millennium B.C. in India.

For starters, Tantric sex and its related rites involve a process of meditation and discovery that lays the basis for creating an environment that allows two people to experience the power of intimacy, while still maintaining a sense of control over their sexuality. It involves deep breathing exercises, controlled muscle movements, chanting, and meditation. It’s not uncommon for the couple to spend time together practicing Tantric breathing exercises and giving one another massages before the ritual part. In fact, Tantric sex can be much more enjoyable when it’s initiated by deep breathing exercises, because the couple can focus more on each other’s breathing and less on the physical actions involved in making love. This ensures that Tantric sex will reach its fullest spiritual potential.

Another way to ensure greater intimacy is by making sure that you’re paying attention to your partner’s breathing, as this has proven to be an important factor in the success of Tantric meditation and in helping couples to explore their sexuality. One way to do this is to make sure that you’re aware of your partner’s breath every time he or she breathes, but making eye contact may help also. By watching your partner’s breathing patterns, you can learn more about how his or her body is feeling and using that information to enhance your own breathing patterns, too. You can also use this technique of looking into your partner’s eyes during Tantric intimacy to increase your awareness of his or her breathing. This can be a very powerful and sensual skill, which will help you both to deepen your connection with one another.