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  • Wedding Planners in Delhi

    Are you looking find top wedding planners in New Delhi? Well, you are in the right place. Kukunus is India’s leading classifieds ads website where you can search hundreds of popular top rated wedding planners near you. Whether you want to celebrate a local traditional marriage ceremony or an exotic interfaith foreign wedding, Kuknus has all types of certified professional wedding planners who can help organize your dream wedding show at affordable prices. You can choose these planners based on your budget and specific requirements.

    Why hire a wedding planner in New Delhi?

    Being the capital, Delhi is a very popular wedding destination in India. There are lots of luxury banquet halls, open air marriage Vatikas, lavish farm houses that attract wedding couples in New Delhi. Since there are lots of options to choose from, hiring a professional marriage organiser can save you a lot of time and energy. Not only that these wedding planners have very good connections with catering businesses, hotel owners, and musicians. So, they can get you even better deal in your budget.

    Moreover, hiring a wedding planner becomes crucial if you a NRI and considering Delhi as your destination wedding location. This is because there are lots of legal formalities and paperwork involved in planning, organising and executing a foreigner wedding ceremony in India. A wedding planner takes care of all that legal stuff allowing you to enjoy your precious life moments with your loved ones. Be it your engagement, sangeet, haldi, cocktail, wedding or reception party hiring a wedding planner for a destination wedding in New Delhi will surely be a wise option and investment for your most special day.

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